Stream 03 Greedo The Wolf Of Grape Street

The wildly creative LA street-rap weirdo 03 Greedo has been building up a name for himself for a while now, and it feels like his wave is cresting. So it’s great timing that he’s just come out with his new mixtape The Wolf Of Grape Street, on which Greedo gibbers melodically over 21 tracks’ worth of rumbling synthetic West Coast tracks. As a rapper whose instincts and ideas seem to be refracted in a million different directions, Greedo resembles Young Thug only insomuch as he sounds like himself. He’s an individual, and rap has room for a guy like that right now.

Greedo has worked extensively with fellow LA iconoclast Drakeo The Ruler, but Drakeo’s sadly not on the tape. (The two apparently have a collaborative tape on the way.) Instead, guests include OMB Peezy and SOB x RBE’s Yhung T.O. Stream The Wolf Of Grape Street below.

The Wolf Of Grape Street is out now on Alamo.

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