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Behold The Absurd Spectacle Of 21 Savage On Ellen

The world is becoming stranger and stranger all the time. The executive branch of the federal government continues to descend into chaos. Our economy is increasingly built on abstract electronic transactions that make no sense to anyone, least of all the people in charge of making them. Every single fucking child seems to have a gluten intolerance. And now 21 Savage is on Ellen.

Look, it was one thing when Ellen DeGeneres embraced indie rock. That was pretty weird! Courtney Barnett or the Strokes, looking slightly uncomfortable while playing shaggy guitar anthems on American daytime TV! But embracing indie rock is one thing, and embracing bloodthirsty trap music is another thing entirely.

On today’s episode of Ellen, her guest was 21 Savage, who has made the transition from underground murder music to mainstream fame more gracefully than anyone could’ve anticipated but who still looked pretty weird while rapping “Bank Account” at the reliably chipper Ellen audience, switching up his lyrics just enough to obscure maybe half of the song’s death threats. He also briefly chatted with Ellen DeGeneres about his new nonprofit, and Ellen made sure that her entire audience was heading home with a copy of the album that includes “Numb” and “Dead People.” Watch the performance below.

21 Savage has been touring for years now! You’d think he would’ve gotten good at performing live! But no!

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