King Truth – “Don’t Know Me” (Feat. Young Thug)

Every March you can be sure Trae The Truth, one of the veterans of the Houston hip-hop scene, will make the trip to Austin for some SXSW gigs. Owing to proximity, he is a very consistent presence at the fest, one you’re bound to encounter at some point if you attend enough rap showcases down there. I am not in Austin for this year’s festivities, but Trae has reared his head anyway, sharing a new collaboration with Young Thug.

Trae, who is going by King Truth for his new album Hometown Hero, does his gruff, low, whispery thing all over “Don’t Know Me,” and it makes for an effective contrast with the exuberant AutoTuned melodies we’ve come to expect from Thugger (who apparently is not going by SEX… or taking the year off). Listen below.