Stream Alice Bag Blueprint

Stream Alice Bag Blueprint

Alice Bag led the late-’70s LA punk band the Bags. She carved out a space for a Latina punk rock scene that’s still gathering more steam around the world. She wrote the books Pipe Bomb For The Soul and Violence Girl. She has earned legend status many times over. And she continues to make urgent, confrontational art.

Next week, Bag will release her new album Blueprint, which is only her second solo LP. Fellow feminist punk legends Kathleen Hanna and Allison Wolfe appeared on the joyously raucous early single “77,” and people like Teri Gender Bender and Francisca Valenzuela also contributed to the album. Musically, Blueprint veers from feral and simplistic punk fury to grand, sweeping ballads that sound almost like the themes to Bond movies. But lyrically, Blueprint maintains its identity, with Bag singing in both Spanish and English about resisting and standing tall. It’s an urgent and vital album, and it is very much worth your time.

We’ve already posted “77,” as well as the early tracks “Turn It Up” and “Se Cree Joven.” And right now, you can stream the whole album online. You should really do that. It’s at NPR.

Blueprint is out 3/23 on Don Giovanni.

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