Girls Rituals – “I Know” Video

Before Im Desperate earlier this month, Girls Rituals had a few releases to their name already, including a 2015 album called Reddishness. That album’s being reissued on cassette (which you can pre-order here), and to celebrate, opening track “I Know” is getting a new music video. It’s a charmingly low-budget affair where the Toronto-based experimental pop musician dances alone in her room, melting away in distorted flame graphics that look like they came straight out of an early ’00s Angelfire page. The song itself is deliriously fun and confident, a slinking and stuttering beat laced with the promise of escapism: “I wanna prove what a stupid bitch I am/ I wanna get way too drunk in the California sun, like I always dreamed of,” she sings. Watch below.

Stream the whole album here:

The Reddishness cassette reissue is available for pre-order now.