Big Boi Is The First Signing To Disgraced Exec L.A. Reid’s New Label

Last year, the veteran music executive L.A. Reid was removed from his position as chairman and CEO at Epic Records. Reportedly, Reid was fired over allegations of sexual harassment, and other executives at the company were accused over covering up his alleged misconduct. But Reid is now getting another chance to run a company, and his first signing is the former OutKast rapper Big Boi.

As Variety reports, Reid is now running a new company called HitCo, and it’s got a distribution deal through the large independent company EMPIRE. HitCo is currently working Big Boi’s 2017 single “All Night,” which already appeared in an iPhone X commercial, to radio.

Big Boi and Reid have a long history together. Reid signed Big Boi’s group OutKast to Arista in the early ’90s, when Big Boi was still a teenager. Much later, Reid signed Big Boi, as a solo artist, to Def Jam. And when Reid was still at Epic, the label released the 2015 EP from Big Grams, the collaborative group that featured Big Boi an the duo Phantogram. Still, it’s something of a surprise to see that Reid is still getting another shot and that Big Boi is still working with him. Last year’s #MeToo wave changed a lot of things within the entertainment industry, but it evidently didn’t change everything.