Chance The Rapper & Kanye West – “All We Got (SBTRKT Remix)”

Man, time flies. It feels like just yesterday when Chance The Rapper and Kanye West were an inescapable cultural force, united in their quest to bring buoyant gospel-inflected hip-hop to the masses via lucrative arrangements with various streaming services. But if you check the calendar you’ll see it’s been more than two years since The Life Of Pablo and a full 22 months since its prophesied Chance 3, otherwise known as the superstardom-securing Coloring Book.

There is a new remix of the first track on that “mixtape” today, and man, hearing Chance and Kanye’s voices intermingling again on this reworked “All We Got” feels downright nostalgic. I want both of these guys to drop new projects ASAP, even if the spectrum of possible qualitative outcomes for those projects ranges from Incontrovertible Genius to The Worst And/Or Corniest Shit You’ve Ever Heard. I’m willing to risk it. Gimme that new music.

For now, this remix of old music is all we got — and speaking of nostalgia, it’s by SBTRKT, a guy who could also stand to release another full-length record. (To fall down a different, more obscure memory hole, revisit “NEW DORP. NEW YORK.”) SBTRKT shared this note on SoundCloud:

thought id share this – as its been on my drive for a year or so – was shared the vocals by Chance & Pat his manager back in late 2016. big fan of Chance and the original song so was fun to give it my own take.