Stream Westside Gunn & Mr. Green FLYGOD Is Good… All The Time EP

Stream Westside Gunn & Mr. Green FLYGOD Is Good… All The Time EP

Late last year, with no hoopla whatsoever, the gifted Buffalo rap hardass Conway released G.O.A.T., a deeply impressive album of vivid bust-your-head threats over mellow, zoned-out beats. Perhaps because of the circumstances of its release, the album didn’t get anywhere near the attention it should’ve found, but Conway and his younger brother Westside Gunn are still playing pretty much every major festival this summer. And maybe Westside Gunn will get more of that much-deserved notice with the release of his FLYGOD Is Good… All The Time EP.

Westside Gunn, who released his Hitler Wears Hermes 5 mixtape last year, has a much higher-pitched voice than Conway; sometimes, he sounds like a nasal gangster-henchman type from a ’30s crime film. But he’s got the same knack for evocative tough-talk that his brother has, and it’s all over the short, easily digestible FLYGOD Is Good.

Westside Gunn recorded the new mixtape in collaboration with the New Jersey producer Mr. Green, whose laid-back ’90s-style instrumentals are very much in Westside Gunn’s comfort-zone. The legendary rap innovator Kool Herc shows up to say a few words on the intro, but the EP otherwise has no guests. Stream it below.

FLYGOD Is Good… All The Time is out now on Nature Sounds.

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