Watch Nardwuar Interview Steve Albini About Nirvana, Ty Segall, The Cribs, & More

If you’ve ever watched a Nadwuar interview, you know that his version of hard-hitting journalism involves digging into the interviewee’s weirdest, and best, anecdotes. His most recent video with Steve Albini at SXSW is no different. Apparently Albini didn’t want to attend the festival, but agreed to come as Kim Deal’s interview wingman. “I’m putty in her hands,” he said.

The interview revealed some of Albini’s fond memories lighting farts on fire with Nirvana, smashing toilets with Ty Segall, and reviewing records while blindfolded and duct-taped to a chair. Albini also talks about some bands he likes (Métal Urbain, the X, the Mentally Ill) and a band name he likes (Ass Hat).

Albini’s final recommendation is a drink he calls “fluffy coffee,” which is a milk-heavy latte mixed with maple sugar and cinnamon. Watch the full interview below.