Future – “Absolutely Going Brazy”

Every Future year is a busy Future year, so this is nothing new, but Future is absolutely having a busy 2018 thus far. He had one of the great divisive and viral rap moments of the young year when he squeaked “la-di-da-di-da, slob on me nob” on a Kendrick Lamar/Jay Rock Black Panther single. He’s doing the soundtrack to the forthcoming Superfly remake. Just yesterday, he came out with the DJ Esco/Schoolboy Q collab “Code Of Honor.” And now, out of nowhere, he’s got a new track called “Absolutely Going Brazy.”

If you’ve ever heard a Future song, you’ve basically heard “Absolutely Going Brazy.” The track is pretty much what he does. It’s two minutes of melodic murmuring over a synthetic trap beat, and while it’s not distinctive, it is pretty effective. What really makes the song is the video.

The whole “Absolutely Going Brazy” video is made up of tour footage of Future, much of it murky, seemingly shot on phone cameras. But it’s edited together into a psychedelic swirl of imagery — seemingly in an effort to replicate what it must feel like to be constantly touring the world while ingesting whatever Future might be ingesting. It’s pretty cool! The editing alone is some kind of feat. Check it out below.

This could be a one-off, or it could be from any number of Future projects that are probably in the works. You know how this guy does.

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