Simian Mobile Disco Cancel Tour As Member Receives Treatment For Rare Disease

This spring, the long-running British dance duo Simian Mobile Disco will producer Murmurations, their latest album. Unfortunately, though, they won’t be able to tour behind the album. Mixmag reports that Jas Shaw, one half of the duo, is going to be undergoing chemotherapy treatment for a rare disease called AL amyloidosis.

AL amyloidosis, which usually affects older people, is a bone marrow disorder. The disease, which has no cure, results in a buildup of a substance called amyloid on internal organs. It can affect all the important ones, and severe AL amyloidosis can lead to life-threatening organ failure. Shaw has already begun his chemotherapy treatment.

The duo have decided that they will play one of their scheduled dates, their 4/4 show at the Barbican in London. (At least, according to Shaw, there’s a “good chance” that he can play that show.) Proceeds from that show will now go to benefit the UCL amyloidosis research fund. But SMD will have to delay their planned American tour for “at least a few months,” according to a statement from the group. On Twitter, Shaw writes, “I’m still getting my head around it and don’t know how things are going to progress but it turns out that the people that I know are lovely and have been very supportive.”

Here’s the statement from the duo:

And here’s Shaw writing about it on Twitter: