Maxo Kream – “Go” (Feat. D. Flowers) Video

A couple of months ago, the Houston underground fixture and great rap storyteller Maxo Kream jumped up a couple of levels with Punken. It’s both Maxo’s best album and maybe the best rap album that anyone has released thus far in 2018. And today, Maxo has come out wth a stark, effective video for “Go,” one of the album’s highlights. It’s a pretty traditional street-rap video, with a whole lot of people mean-mugging the camera. Guns and gang signs are flashed. Pitbulls bark. You know the deal. But it’s done with energy and intensity, and guest-rapper D. Flowers looks like he’s been waiting for his entire life to lip-sync rap lyrics into a camera. Check it out below.

Punken is out now on TSO Music Group/Kream Clicc.