Locate S,1 – “Owe It 2 The Girls” Video

Locate S,1 – “Owe It 2 The Girls” Video

The subtle glow cast by Christina Schneider’s earlier jazz-influenced bedroom pop brightens with her new project, Locate S,1. “Owe It 2 The Girls,” the first track released under the newly minted moniker, boasts a sparkling jangle and nostalgic mid-fi production. An ’80s sensibility is supported by the song’s likeminded visual treatment and Schneider’s charming falsetto, reminiscent of Debbie Harry’s on “Heart Of Glass.”

A retro-style ‘home video,’ directed by Clayton Rychlik, records a femme dance party filled with puffy shirts, mullets, and shoulder pads. Surrounded by a groovy support system, Schneider sunnily laments, “You need ego death, not a new girlfriend. You say your mother called me a cliche, now that I’m evil I can say you treat her the same way.” She notes in a statement, “I’m not much for gender essentialism but who can deny the blissful feeling of drowning out maleness.”

Of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes recorded the single, along with the rest of Locate S,1’s forthcoming debut album, Healing Contest. His signature psych-pop affection is hard to miss in this seamless collaboration. Watch and listen to “Owe It 2 The Girls” below.

Healing Contest is out 4/20 via Sybaritic Peer. Pre-order it here.

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