Eleanor Friedberger – “Make Me A Song” Video

Next month, the singer-songwriter and former (current?) Fiery Furnace Eleanor Friedberger is coming back with the new album Rebound. It’s a relatively stripped-down affair; she and producer Clemens Knieper holed up and crafted the album out of guitar, synth, and programmed drums. And as Friedberger is one hell of a songwriter, that should work out just fine. We’ve posted first single “In Between Stars,” and today, she’s come out with a video for a new song called “Make Me A Song.”

The song itself is a dazed, amiable chug. The beat is an almost-rockbilly shuffle, and the simplistic warmth suits both Friedberger’s writing and her voice. Lyrically, she gets a bit meta about he process of coming up with a song.

Scott Jacobson directed the crisp, gorgeously photographed black-and-white video. In the clip, Friedberger attends to various self-care rituals: Running, climbing mountains, jumping into pools, getting help from a spiritual healer despite being fairly certain that the healer is full of shit. It’s a pretty great video, mostly because Friedberger can act and because Jacobson takes full advantage of her withering glare. Watch it below.

Rebound is out 5/4 on Frenchkiss. Pre-order it here.