Watch A Video For A$AP Rocky’s Moby-Sampling “A$AP Forever” And See Him Debut It On Fallon

A$AP Rocky has been trickling out new music for a few months now, but most of those songs felt like demos or rough sketches. As of recently he seems to be moving into more of a proper album rollout. He shared the BlocBoy JB collab “Bad Company” late last month, and last night he took to Fallon to debut two more new tracks via some unusual performance art.

Rocky performed a medley of the songs “A$AP Forever” and “Distorted Records,” but his performance took place inside a mockup of some quarantined laboratory where scientists in gas masks observed Rocky from behind glass. During “A$AP Forever” he was just laying there woozily in the jumpsuit he wore on the “Bad Company” single art, not even really rapping. Then, during the more aggressive “Distorted Records,” he got up and put on something of a rap show.

Oh! And “A$AP Forever” is built from a sample of “Porcelain,” one of the prettier hits from Moby’s world-conquering 1999 album Play. A studio version of that song emerged after the show, so listen to that after watching the Tonight Show medley below.

There’s also a video that goes along with the track, which was directed by Dexter Navy and is a dizzying rotation of clips that show A$AP with his crew and ends with a deep dive into a dark abyss. Check that out with the studio version of the track below.