Aminé – “Campfire” (Feat. Injury Reserve) Video

Last year, the young Portland rapper Aminé came out with Good For You, one of the sharpest, wittiest, most energetic, and most inventive rap debuts in recent memory. The album didn’t make a huge splash commercially, but it did show Aminé to be a very serious talent. And since the album came out, he’s been backing up that impression with strong one-off singles like “Squeeze” and the brand-new “Campfire.”

On “Campfire,” Aminé teams up with the Arizona rap trio Injury Reserve, and it’s a good combination. The track is crisp, casual Mustardwave, with both Aminé and one of the Injury Reserve guys — I don’t know which one; they’re new to me — flexing breezily. The Injury Reserve guy gets in a Drew Barrymore punchline that lands hard. And the track opens with a sample from Dolemite. There’s just a lot to like about this song.

Aminé directed the video, as he does with all his videos. And as with all Aminé videos, it’s pretty ridiculous. The clip revolves around Aminé and the Injury Reserve guys riding a fancy car through a meadow and wearing silly, unexplained wigs. There’s also an extended comedy bit about the pronunciation of the word “rural,” which was funny on 30 Rock and which remains funny now. Watch it below.

“Campfire” is out now at iTunes.