3 Arrested After Police Find Drugs On Migos Tour Bus

The members of the massively popular Atlanta rap trio Migos have faced legal trouble before. Offset spent much of the group’s rise in prison after all three Migos were arrested mid-show in 2015. This time, though, they’ve managed to avoid any direct legal consequences after police found drugs on the group’s tour bus.

USA Today reports that police in Boone County, Georgia raided the group’s bus after a show last night. Police who were working security at the show claimed that they smelled marijuana coming from the bus, which was stopped on the highway shortly afterward. They claim that they found 420 grams of weed onboard.

Three people were arrested after the raid, none of whom was a member of the group. One man was taken into custody, charged with felony possession of marijuana with intent to sell or deliver. Two others were issued citations for possession of drugs — marijuana and codeine in one case, Xanax in another.

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