Jon Daly Shares Lil Xan Diss Track

Jon Daly Shares Lil Xan Diss Track

Over the weekend, Kroll Show comedian Jon Daly accidentally got into a Twitter beef with 21-year-old SoundCloud rapper Lil Xan and his inexplicably numerous fans. On Friday, Daly joked, “If you’re a white rapper with no face tattoos, go get a bunch of face tattoos bro!” And when someone sent Daly a photo of Lil Xan — who has many face tattoos — Daly tweeted, “I’m sorry about all your very bad face tattoos @lilxanfuhyobih – Stay off downers and go back to high school! Yr not a pimp Lol.”

Although Daly quickly walked his criticism back — “Who am I to judge Lil’ Xan,” he added — Xan’s legions of fans weren’t amused. (Neither was Lil Xan himself.) Daly began responding to all of the disgruntled Xan fans on Twitter, and now he’s funneled all of that controversy into a Lil Xan diss track that also functions as a Lil Xan parody.

Daly has a bit of a history with song parodies. In a 2013 episode of Scott Aukerman’s long-running comedy podcast Comedy Bang! Bang!, Daly sang a goofy song in his best Anthony Kiedis impression, and the next year, before Red Hot Chili Peppers’ performance at the Super Bowl, Daly recorded a full, note-perfect RHCP parody version called “Abracadabralifornia.”

Daly’s Xan parody, meanwhile, which he recorded with Cyrus Ghahremani, the same guy he did the RHCP parody with, is a ridiculous rap song about how Daly is Lil Xan’s dad. It’s called “I’m Your Dad,” and its “cover” features a shirtless Daly with a bunch of fake tattoos holding a saxophone. On Twitter, he specifies that it’s a “kiss track,” not a diss track. Experience it below.

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