Arca – “Fetiche”

Arca had a good 2017. Exactly one year and three days ago, the Venezuelan producer released his fractured, beautiful self-titled album. And then, seven months later, Björk released her equally beautiful album Utopia, which Arca co-produced. Two great albums in one year? Not bad.

We haven’t heard a lot from Arca since then — the last time we saw him, he was riling up obnoxious Björk fans by making an appearance in her music video for “Arisen My Senses.” But now back he’s back, and he’s come bearing gifts: 10+ minutes of new music.

It’s not entirely clear if that music is one discrete song or a mix of new material — it’s described solely as “material nuevo y edits,” or “new material and edits” — but Arca uploaded it to YouTube under the name “Fetiche,” and it comes with a video by Arca and Carlos Sáez featuring Arca (or someone) stomping on flowers in heels.

“Look inward, cut yourself loose from your self; tolerate no abuse,” Arca writes in the description. Watch and listen below.