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Five Arrested For Rave Inside Abandoned Toys R Us

In recent years, massive chain stores have been going bankrupt and shutting down, which means suburban strip-mall America is dotted with abandoned Circuit Citys, Radio Shacks, and Blockbuster Videos. The latest chains store to go out of business is Toys R Us, which will see all its locations shut down 6/30. So why not used all that desolate suburban-industrial retail space for things like raves? Only problem: It’s still technically illegal.

The UK is, of course, a nation with a grand history of illegal raves in warehouses, fields, and even castles. And now the New York Post reports that five people have been arrested for throwing an illegal rave at an abandoned Toys R Us in the West London neighborhood of Houslow.

The event, set to go down 3/31, never had a chance to get going. Police also seized a sound system and turned away partygoers. Apparently, these ugly-ass empty retail-space hulks are destined to remain ugly-ass empty retail-space hulks. Can’t allow the young people to have fun at the shut-down toy store! But then, maybe the rave organizers shouldn’t have announced their intentions so publicly:

The Post also reports that Toys R Us creditors are having trouble selling off their retail spaces. So if you’re looking to open up a gigantic club…

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