MOLLY – “No Soul Will Remember” Video

Austrian post-rock duo MOLLY make music that’s nothing short of astral. Based out of the Alps, Phillip Dornauer (drums, bass, synth) and Lars Andersson (vocals, guitar) craft ambient shoegaze that’s equal parts consuming and transportive. Their most recent opus, “No Soul Will Remember,” is a spider-webby, slow-burning number with an accompanying surrealist video directed by Johannes Kogler.

Less brooding than their previous release, “Glimpse,” “No Soul Will Remember” is a dense, atmospheric track that sprawls toward the clouds until you feel like you’ve somehow ascended, too. The video finds the two musicians — wearing what looks like Salvador Dali’s take on a helmet — in a pastoral scene with hazy shots of grass and tree fractals that drift in and out of focus much like the sonic, dreamy texture itself. That is, until sparks fly (seriously, there’s welding involved) and the song crescendos into a doomy finale. Check it out below:

You can listen to the new single here.