Watch Jack White Joke With John Mulaney In Their SNL Promos

Jack White released his new solo album, Boarding House Reach, last month. And this weekend, he’s promoting it by going on Saturday Night Live to perform a few songs.

This’ll be Jack White’s third time on the show — in 2002 he appeared with the White Stripes, and he went on it again in 2012 for his solo debut — but it will be the first time he’s joined by host John Mulaney. And today, they’ve shared the customary jokey, kind of awkward promos for the episode.

In the clips, John Mulaney, who used to write for SNL, jokes that he lost his virginity to Jack White’s latest album. (He’s been married for four years, but, as he says, “Every marriage is different.”) As usual, the musical guest kinda just sits off to the side for most of it, but White does manage to get a joke or two in. Watch below.