Freddie Gibbs, G Perico, & Mozzy – “Colors”

They still make them like they used to — or, anyway, sometimes they do. Freddie Gibbs, G Perico, and Mozzy all come from different places — Gibbs from Indiana, Perico from LA, Mozzy from Sacramento — and they all have different backgrounds, voices, flows, and approaches. But all three are among our finest purveyors of old-school zero-pretensions ’90s-style G-rap. And so it’s a thrill to hear all three of them on the same song.

The California-based production crew League Of Starz just shared the gang-life posse cut “Colors,” on which all three rappers tell stories about growing up in places where you had to pay close attention to what colors you were wearing. They go in over a beat made from a tootling, contemplative saxophone, the type that you might hear on the soundtrack of an ’80s detective movie. It suits them.

The three voices work beautifully together. Gibbs has weary authority and effortless technical command. Perico has that high-pitched voice that slices through everything around it. Mozzy is grizzled and reflective; he always sounds bone-tired. All three manage to sound tough and sad at the same time. Listen to the track below.

I would not say no to hearing more from this particular trio.