Watch Quavo Get Punched On Star

Virtually rapper gets into acting eventually. It’s practically a scientific law at this point. And given the inevitability of their acting careers, Quavo, and the rest of the Migos, got off to a great start. They all made their acting debuts during a memorably weird scene in the second episode of Donald Glover’s Atlanta. They were playing themselves, but they were also playing homicidal backwoods drug dealers. In that scene, Quavo took the lead, and his expressionless underplaying, which could’ve looked amateurish, made the scene more chilling. But Quavo’s second screen role is a different story.

Last night, Quavo appeared on Star, the Fox musical drama from Empire creator Lee Daniels. The show stars Benjamin Bratt and Queen Latifah, the latter of whom is one of the best cases of the whole rapper-turned-actor scenario. (Paris Jackson has previously guested on the show.) Quavo played himself, and he definitely came off as someone whose acting appearance is very limited.

One similarity between Quavo’s Atlanta and Star appearances: Onscreen, Quavo is happy to play himself as someone who’s quick to pull a gun. That’s what happens after one of the show’s characters punches him out. And if Migos annoy you so much that you want to see Quavo take a fist to the face, the clip below is for you.

Quavo should probably just keep rapping for now, huh?

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