Stream Bacchae’s Self-Titled EP

Stream Bacchae’s Self-Titled EP

Last week, Washington, DC’s utterly godawful hellscape of rush-hour traffic forced me to miss Bacchae when the DC punk band opened Turnstile’s record-release show. From the sounds of things, I really missed something. Bacchae just released their new self-titled EP, and it’s a giddy, melodic pileup of new-wave sonics, postpunk ferocity, and all-out hooks. It’s not hardcore at all, but it’s tough enough that I can’t imagine Bacchae would’ve had any trouble playing on an otherwise all-hardcore lineup like the one last week. The new EP is well worth checking out, and you can hear it below.

You can name your price to buy the Bacchae EP at Bandcamp.

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