Watch Nardwuar Interview Cardi B At Coachella

Get ready for a real symphony of cartoonish vocal tics! Last night, Cardi B made her Coachella debut, a set that the Coachella organizers managed to book for relative pocket change. She shared her stage with luminaries like Chance The Rapper, YG, 21 Savage, G-Eazy, and Kehlani. And before performing her set, she also made some time for another luminary: YouTube interview star Nardwuar.

This interview obviously made for a real collision of the shticks. Both Cardi and Nardwuar have their own public personas, and there were moments during the interview where they seemed to be speaking different languages. At this point, most up-and-coming rappers know exactly what to expect from a Nardwuwar interview, so Cardi’s interview was a welcome return to the what-the-fuck-is-this-guy reactions of old. But Nardwuar’s interview style also made a nice vehicle for Cardi’s recent charm offensive. And other than the moments where she raps Trina or sings Al B. Sure!, she actually gave some insights that I haven’t seen in previous interviews.

For instance, here’s Cardi on music to strip to: “I actually enjoy dancing to house music.” Here’s Cardi on her mother’s background and musical tastes: “My mom, she grew up listening to Aerosmith, Madonna, Pet Shop Boys. That’s the type of thing we used to listen in our house. She came to this country, and she lived upstate New York with the Caucasians.” And here’s Cardi on something I’ve always wondered about Nardwuar: “How much money you spend on all these gifts for me? You are over-gifting me. Like, I feel like I owe you something now.” Watch the interview below:

Cardi’s Invasion Of Privacy is out now on Atlantic, and it is great.