Blue Streak – “No Guns On TV Hill” & “Dog”

The punk scene in Washington, DC has given us a wealth of furiously loud and angry bands in recent years, and now some key players from some of those bands have aligned to give us something entirely different: Power-pop.

Blue Streak brings together current members of Give, Red Death, and Pure Disgust plus a former member of Baltimore’s Angel Du$t. They played their debut show at their town’s acclaimed DIY fest Damaged City. They recorded their new 7″ with Fugazi producer Don Zientara at his Virginia recording studio Inner Ear. The project has DC punk cred out the ass.

Yet on “”No Guns On TV Hill” and “Dog,” the two songs from their new 7″, Blue Streak are not bashing away with the fury you’d associate with their scene. They’re playing jangly, super-catchy pop tunes indebted to Big Star and Bob Mould — I’m talking earnestly sung melodies, gorgeously cascading harmonies, major-key chord progressions, plinking pianos, downright playful guitar riffage, the whole deal. It’s very good. You should listen to it. And directly below, you can.

Blue Streak’s new 7″ is out now digitally on Painterman Records. Pre-order the physical record here.