Morrissey Shares Previously Unreleased Song “By The Time I Get To Wherever I’m Going,” Cat Photo

Morrissey got into trouble earlier today because of an interview published on his own website in which he spouts a lot of bullshit. He talked about political correctness and wanting to be congratulated for supporting Brexit and how “Hitler was actually a leftist” and a whole bunch of other shit. He’s been properly dragged across the coals for his arguments.

And how does he respond? With two more posts on his website, one with a picture of his cat and another with an unreleased song from the Morrissey vaults. His cat, as you can see here, is admittedly a very cute cat and it’s not the cat’s fault that they are owned by Morrissey. The so-called “lost studio track,” which is called “By The Time I Get To Wherever I’m Going,” you can judge for yourself below.

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