On Colbert, Method Man & Ghostface Killah Fight “Jeff Sessions,” Meet The Real James Comey

The whole saga of Once Upon A Time In Shaolin gets more complicated all the time. It was weird enough when the Wu-Tang Clan decided to sell the one and only copy of the album for millions. It was weirder still when pharma price-gouging vampire Martin Shkreli bought the one and only copy. And it became weirder still when a federal judge ordered Shkreli to turn over the album, which means it’s now in the hands of the Justice Department. Nobody knows what’s going to happen to it. At least some members of the group want the album released to the public. And last night, Stephen Colbert got to have a whole lot of fun with the story.

Last night, Colbert was making jokes about the whole story when Method Man and Ghostface Killah, probably the two Wu-Tang members with the best comic timing, showed up to interrupt. This led to a staged argument between the two Wu-Tang representatives and “Attorney General Jeff Sessions,” the man ultimately in charge of the fate of Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. On the show, Colbert portrayed Sessions as a Keebler cookie. As far as comedy bits involving musicians go, this was a good one, even if it required a whole lot of explanation and backstory to get to the jokes. Here’s Colbert’s whole bit:

Colbert’s main guest was former FBI Director James Comey, who has a book coming out and who’s making a grand Trump-bashing media tour. Backstage, Meth and Ghost posed for a photo with Comey. Method Man and Ghostface Killah are two of the rare celebrities who, when you meet them in person, are taller than you expect. But Comey is reportedly a legit 6’8″, so enjoy this rare image of someone towering over those two guys:

The FBI kept an open file on the Wu-Tang Clan for many years, treating the group as a criminal organization, but I guess all is forgiven now.