Preview Thom Yorke & Tarik Barri’s Audiovisual Installation “City Rats”

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke has been working with composer Tarik Barri on an immersive art installation titled “City Rats.” The work will be shown at ISM Hexadrone, an audiovisual exhibition in Berlin, along with pieces by Brian Eno, Holly Herndon, and other artists. Today Yorke shares a snippet of the atmospheric composition, accompanied by a video of neon laser beams against a black backdrop.

The clip sounds serene and cosmic, like what you’d hear during guided meditation if that meditation was led by robot aliens. “All sounds are visible as objects in 3D space, and the camera’s position determines what we hear and where we hear it,” the video description explains. “Therefore our path through space determines the harmonies, voices, melodies and rhythms we hear.” Watch and listen below.