Watch Franz Ferdinand Play Colbert With No Wave Hero James Chance

Watch Franz Ferdinand Play Colbert With No Wave Hero James Chance

Have you seen Franz Ferdinand live lately? It fucking rules. Seriously. Last year, the band played my sleepy Southern college town, and I was not prepared for them to be as good as they were. They were lithe and energetic and had hits for days, hits that you barely even remember until you actually hear them, and then suddenly it’s 2004 all over again. I only caught the tail end of their set, and I was kicking myself for not being there for the whole thing. Go see them if you get a chance. And for further evidence, see the band’s Colbert performance from last night.

Franz Ferdinand just released the new album Always Ascending, and it’s a strong, hooky, dancey affair. Last night, they played the single “Let The Love Go” on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show, and they really brought it. Alex Kapranos looks great, and he’s currently doing Police-era Sting things with his hair, which is working. He also dances onstage, which more frontmen should do.

The band also made things special by adding no wave legend and former Contortions frontman James Chance to the mix. Chance played convulsive sax solos over the band’s clean-strutting new wave, which really added something. Watch it all happen below.

Always Ascending is out now on Domino.

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