Laura Jane Grace – “Park Life Forever”

Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace has released a very cute new song called “Park Life Forever” that features her daughter Evelyn on backing vocals. It was recorded with the Spire mobile recording studio, and there’s a behind-the-scenes video showing Grace putting the song together in her home. The song’s about long summer days in the park. Here’s what Grace had to say about it:

This past summer my daughter learned to ride a bike which was a lot of fun. Everyday we would wake up and ride our bikes to the park, and on the way we would stop and get coffee and lemonade. She would play on the playground for hours and I would read in the grass. Then we would eat ice cream. It was the best. As the summer was ending, I started working on this song. It’s been a long winter. I’m ready for summer again (I think everyone is), so I thought this would be a fun song to share with everyone and help usher in those summertime vibes!

Listen to the song and check out the behind-the-scenes video below.