Watch Cardi B Talk Pregnant Twerking, Lamborghini Shopping, & Why She Liked Stripping on Ellen

Cardi B already feels bigger than music. She just released her debut album Invasion Of Privacy, but when she appeared on Ellen earlier today, she wasn’t there to perform. Instead, Ellen DeGeneres devoted her entire show, pretty much to Cardi, and all Cardi had to do was broadcast massive, delightful charisma all over the place.

Here, for example is Cardi on revealing her pregnancy on Saturday Night Live: “I was sweaty, my underarms started itching a little bit because it’s like ‘Oh my god, the world’s going to know that I’m pregnant, oh no, opinions coming!'” Here she is on twerking onstage at Coachella while very pregnant: “I was just trying to show the world how I got pregnant in the first place!” And here she is on operating with long and elaborate nails: “If you can clean your butt, you can do anything.”

Ellen also presented Cardi with a baby-clothes version of the outfit that Cardi wore on the Invasion Of Privacy cover, she bartered with Cardi over baby-name choices, and she played her game 5 Second Rule with Cardi. The whole thing was a lot of fun to watch, and you can watch all of it below.

Invasion Of Privacy is out now on Atlantic.