Screaming Females – “End Of My Bloodline (Remix)” (Feat. Moor Mother & Sammus)

You would probably not put Screaming Females anywhere near the list of bands likely to go the rap-remix route. The heroic New Jersey punk power trio specialize in grand, crashing catharsis — music that tends to overwhelm everything around it, music that can’t easily fit into any other context. You can’t even pay attention to other stuff when Screaming Females are on. They are not a malleable band. Or, anyway, that’s what I would’ve thought. But it turns out, they sound perfectly natural in rap-remix form.

Earlier this year, Screaming Females released the towering, intense, beautiful album All At Once. And now they’ve come out with a new remix for the anthemic album track “End Of My Bloodline.” And it features two of their labelmates — women who make rap or rap-adjacent music and whose routes within the punk and noise communities go deep.

Noise priestess Moor Mother and slippery Ithaca rapper Sammus both add casually virtuosic verses to “End Of My Bloodline.” And producer Connor Dougherty has muted the song, transforming it into a funky low-key shuffle while somehow leaving both the guitar riff and Marissa Paternoster’s wailed-out chorus intact. Listen to the remix below.

All At Once is out now on Don Giovanni. Check out Screaming Females’ latest tour dates here.