Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

This week Moz was fascist, Mist was leaked, and Cardi was right. Also guys from Staind and Limp Bizkit had a really satisfying beef.

Today is 4/20 and tomorrow is Record Store Day, so smoke ‘em if you got ‘em and head to a record store to buy a CD (?) by Flatbush Zombies.


#10  crania americana
Score:45 | Apr 13th

We sure “Break the Simulation” isn’t already the title of a Muse album?

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#9  El Gummo
Score:46 | Apr 13th

Holy shit thank you

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#8  crania americana
Score:47 | Apr 17th

Fred Durst and Wes Borland = Bad & Bougie

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#7  YBB.
Score:47 | Apr 16th

This isn’t gonna be a popular opinion, but…maybe Torres isn’t good or interesting enough to justify the marketing dollars that 4AD dropped on her last album’s rollout, and they decided to cut their losses.

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#6  Peter Helman
Score:49 | Apr 18th

I think you’re underestimating how incompetent people are as a rule

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#5  Mercury Jones
Score:50 | Apr 16th


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#4  undergroundspoon
Score:52 | Apr 16th

1) Vince is one of the only rappers I trust to speak well about social issues any more.
2) Vince is one of the only musicians I’m interested in seeing interviewed any more.

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#3  El Gummo
Score:52 | Apr 16th

And yes, I will continue to bring this up in every R. Kelly article–every single one–until someone from The Other Site comments publicly on their decision to have him headline the 2013 Other Site Music Festival. Upvote me or downvote me–I don’t care.

Even though The Other Site doesn’t have a comment section and likely never will, I’m sure there are people that work here who used to work there and vice-versa, I’m sure you occasionally read each other’s work and go through the comments, and I’m sure some of you are friends with each other. So, at least one of their current or former staff members is bound to read my at least one of my comments at some point or another. I know I don’t have much power as a lowly commenter, so all I can do is make this as awkward as possible for all of you until somebody does the right thing and says something.

Also, I will continue to laugh theatrically and light up the comment section whenever either site posts a #woke thinkpiece asking “is it still okay to like [artist] in light of [x]?” if x is anything short of sexual assault and/or human trafficking.

You know it’s wrong to promote him, you know it’s wrong to endorse him even implicitly, and you know it completely flies in the face of your sites’ editorial stances with regard to rape culture, sexism in the music industry, #MeToo, etc.

This is not just about that one video, that one girl, and that one trial. As Jim DeRogatis put it: “This is a trail, two and a half decades long, of dozens of young African-American women whose lives have been ruined by R. Kelly. This is not Jerry Lee Lewis marrying his cousin or Elvis and Priscilla, or Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and Lori Maddox. This is different. It is a horrifying document of a rape in real time.”

Please, please take a stand and speak out against this dirtbag.

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#2  inthedeadofknight
Score:53 | Apr 19th

That’s a lot of ego being simultaneously squirted into the universe. I can’t fucking wait.

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#1  TelevisionMan
Score:55 | Apr 16th

Every music blog turning into America’s hot new hip hop, and every music critic on twitter trying to one up each other on the praise of the new shitty pop star album has consequences.

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downvote eh
Score:-16 | Apr 13th

lolol, WORST album cover of the 00s/10s whenever/all time!

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#4  francis1919
Score:-17 | Apr 19th

Yeah if Malkmus had no melodic sense whatsoever.

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#3  manwellius
Score:-17 | Apr 18th

Nice try. Hope that doesn’t deter others with a similar intent.

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#2  skeetcricket
Score:-23 | Apr 16th

Question a man of color’s stardom? Stereogum is literally Hitler.

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#1  myparentsgivememoney
Score:-27 | Apr 17th

Shut the fuck up, undergroundspoon

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Score:6 | Apr 16th

A couple weeks ago there was a commenter “Doris” on a Deadspin thread, using our beloved Doris Montgomery’s profile pic, who said: “I don’t know about this but what I do know is that Deafheaven’s Sunbather is the best album of the decade.” This was said commenter’s first post in four years. There was a collective “WTF” from the Deadspin commentariat; I replied, “Doris, this is YBB. Let’s get you back to Stereogum and get you a nice cup of hot cocoa.”

And then I posted this:

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