The Flaming Lips – “The Story Of Yum Yum And Dragon” Video

The Flaming Lips are the undisputed kings of gimmick releases, with Jack White and his Third Man Records outfit serving as their only real competition. Today is Record Store Day, the biggest day for gimmick releases. So it should come as no surprise that the Flaming Lips are celebrating Record Store Day by putting out a goofy new gimmick release.

The gimmick this time? Vinyl pressed with beer. The band have partnered with Dogfish Head Alehouse, who have previously come out with brews inspired by Guided By Voices and Julianna Barwick, among others, to make a beer called Dragons & Yum Yums, the official beer of Record Store Day 2018. And that’s the beer that can be found inside their new vinyl 7″ single.

In addition to beer, of course, the single is also being pressed with actual music: two new songs, “The Story Of Yum Yum and Dragon” and “Beer In Your Ear.” And today, they’ve shared a new music video for the a-side, which finds Yum Yum and Dragon running into some trouble when Yum Yum, who doesn’t have any eyes, decides it’s his turn to drive around the snowy tundra. Watch and listen below.

In our interview with him at the end of last year, the Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne addressed possible speculation about the beer-filled vinyl: “There might be some speculation, ‘Is that really the beer?’ Yes, that is actually the beer. But you won’t be able to get it out and drink it. There will be beer in cans and bottles right there for you to drink. Rest assured, that’s actually the beer in the vinyl.”