Hear Mac DeMarco And Shamir’s Beat Happening Covers From Record Store Day 7″

Songbird Shamir and jangle-pop sweetheart Mac DeMarco teamed up to cover the formative ’80s lo-fi indie band Beat Happening on an exclusive 7″ for Record Store Day. The record, released via the Brooklyn-based label Bayonet, comprises takes on Beat Happening’s “Indian Summer” and “Run Down The Stairs” performed by Mac and Shamir, respectively.

Mac’s contribution hardly sounds like a cover, marked by the lazy, psychedelic sound that he and Beat Happening share. Shamir’s homage features his signature falsetto and lo-fi production, surrounded by crunchy riffs.

Back in 2015 we saw some video of Mac and Shamir playing Jenga and eating popcorn which discussing their mutual admiration. Check out the new songs and revisit those clips below.