Franz Ferdinand – “Glimpse Of Love” Video

Franz Ferdinand – “Glimpse Of Love” Video

Franz Ferdinand are extremely good at being a band, and it’s entirely possible that we don’t talk about this enough. More than a decade on from the release of their debut album, long after the hype around them has died down, they still are finding fun and inventive ways to engage in the task of making rock music. They’re covering Angel Olsen, they’re bringing no wave legends onto late-night shows, and they’re making deliriously silly music videos. They just unveiled one of the latter today.

Earlier this year, Franz Ferdinand came back from a long absence with Always Ascending, the new dance-influenced album that they made with Cassius member and Phoenix collaborator Philippe Zdar. It’s a good album, a point driven home harder by their new “Glimpse Of Love” video, which is endearingly goofy in all the right ways.

Director Alice Kunisue films the members of the band off on a farm somewhere, spending quality time with sheep. The video is mostly made up of members of the band pulling off silly but highly choreographed silliness, much of which reminds me of The Monkees. And they do it all with extremely deadpan straight faces. There’s no narrative or greater meaning or anything; it’s just a quick burst of absurdist cinematic joy. Watch it below.

Always Ascending is out now on Domino.

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