Nick Offerman’s New Music Movie Features Jeff Tweedy, A Spotify Indie Playlist, And A Character Watching Mitski On YouTube

Fellow bearded Americana stalwarts Nick Offerman and Jeff Tweedy have collaborated on a number of projects, and now their paths will cross again in the upcoming Brett Haley-directed feature film Hearts Beat Loud. In it, Offerman plays a record store-owning single dad in Brooklyn who starts a band with his daughter, played by Kiersey Clemons.

Indie easter eggs — like a stacked vinyl collection, mention of Spotify playlists, and KEXP YouTube clips of Jeff Tweedy and Mitski performances — are embedded throughout the movie. In the trailer, Offerman gets excited when he hears his father-daughter band, We’re Not a Band, play in a coffee shop; The barista tells him it’s on the “new indie mix” on Spotify. You also see a very brief shot of Tweedy standing in Offerman’s Red Hook record store (note Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die on the wall behind him) and Ted Danson in a Hawaiian shirt. Keegan DeWitt wrote all of the original songs on the film’s soundtrack, which also includes Mitski’s “Your Best American Girl,” and comes out on June 8th via Milan Records.

Watch the trailer for Hearts Beat Loud below.