Pllush – “Ortega”

Pllush, now with one extra ‘l,’ are releasing their debut album, Stranger To The Pain, in a couple months, after putting out a handful of EPs and splits over the last few years. We’ve heard “Shannon” from it already, and today the San Francisco-based band are sharing another single, “Ortega.” That first one was a starry wallow, but this one’s more smoky and knotted, a reflection on the way a dead-eyed night out can lead to personal breakthroughs. “But it’s a true word under a harsh light/ And it’s a new world clenching my hands tight,” Eva Treadway sings. “Getting my head straight/ Setting my mind right/ Slipping into sheets as soon as the sun rise.” Listen below.

Stranger To The Pain is out 6/8 via Father/Daughter Records. Pre-order it here.

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