A New Movie Aims To Be Halsey’s 8 Mile

A New Movie Aims To Be Halsey’s 8 Mile

Sony Pictures and Halsey have just closed a deal with the intention to make a movie based around the singer/songwriter’s rocky rise to fame. As Deadline reports, Sony hopes the movie acts as a launchpad for Halsey’s career, similar to what 8 Mile did for Eminem. If you’re familiar with 8 Mile and Halsey, this might sound like a stretch. But, along with their respectively troubled pasts, Halsey and Eminem seem to share a disdain for the mainstream while existing within it.

Halsey is reluctant to accept the popstar persona. Her chart-topping hits boast an anti-establishment attitude and she has routinely expressed her frustration with being put under the pop umbrella. This appetite for rebellion stems from her past, a period which the movie will presumably delve into. According to her Rolling Stone profile from 2016, Halsey was “technically homeless” after getting kicked out of her parents’ home for quitting school. She would record music while couch-surfing around NYC, leading to her SoundCloud-aided rise to fame.

In addition to her ascent within the music industry, Halsey recently spoke at the Women’s March in D.C. 8 Mile comparisons aside, the underdog success story behind an outspoken 23 year-old star and activist is a recipe for mainstream success in 2018. Good looks, Sony.

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