Drama – “Majid”

The soulful electronica single “Majid” is from Lies After Love, the forthcoming EP by Chicago’s Drama (formerly known as Drama Duo). It’s a rosy, hopeful track about believing in love, partially named after Drama’s friends in the Drake-affiliated R&B duo Majid Jordan.

Calling to mind the sophisti-pop of Sade and Everything But The Girl, Drama have created an atmosphere of bouncing synths, jingling tambourines and one infectiously chunky guitar riff overlaid by breathy, feminine vocals. Each verse tracks the nostalgia of a recent heartbreak, working through the pain of a failed relationship with lyrics like “I guess you’ll live without my love…I bet you’ll fall in love and find the perfect wife.” But the chorus delivers a poppy throughline of beaming optimism: “I still believe in Majid/ I still believe in love/ I still believe that every day’s another day to find someone/ With Majid/ With love/ I’m gonna wait and find someone.”

Drama transforms the word “Majid,” deeming it synonymous with “magic.” The duo won’t let past pain stop them from moving forward, as they smoothly dream themselves back into the world of new love. Listen below.

Drama’s EP Lies After Love is out in May. Listen to their debut EP Gallows here.