Donald Trump Thanks Chance The Rapper

The endless, numbing death march of the Donald Trump/Kanye West love affair continues, and now it’s sucking other people into its gravitational pull. Trump has started to take public delight in all the nice things that West is saying about him. Meanwhile, West’s peers — including John Legend, Janelle Monàe, J. Cole, and possibly Frank Ocean — have spoken out in one way or another against West’s support of the president. But one person who has stood by West is Chance The Rapper.

Earlier this week, when the whole Kanye/Trump story was just heating up, Chance jumped on Twitter to say that he’s spoken to West and that this is not all an example of a mentally ill celebrity wilding out. He then went on to say that the Democratic Party is not entitled to the support of black people:

Chance at least seemed to realize that he pissed his fans off. He hasn’t tweeted since Wednesday, and this is his last tweet:

It should be noted that, while Chance certainly did announce his support of West, he never said anything about Trump. Chance is a huge Obama supporter, and he’s got a close personal relationship with our last president. So he must not be thrilled that Trump said his name. This morning, Trump again crowed on Twitter about West’s support, and the also thanked Chance by name, alongside the pastor and Trump supporter Dr. Darrell Scott, writing that “they really get it”:

Personal to Chance: You met Kanye West, and maybe you’re going to fail?

UPDATE: Chance is not happy, and he’s shared an explanation and a sort of apology: