Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

I turn 40 tomorrow. That makes me twice as old as Capital Punishment and half as old as Blochead. To lessen the blow of entering middle age, I had a birthday concert in Brooklyn last night with the Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Titus Andronicus, Slonk Donkerson, and surprise sets from Ted Leo and Speedy Ortiz. Thanks to all of them. Speedy played their entire new album Twerp Verse (out today). Pains covered Tom Petty and reunited with my old friend Peggy Wang for the first time in like 6 years. Patrick Stickles sat on the bar and sang “Lilac Wine.”

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I’m told getting old is not the end of the world, though! Look at all these thriving artists who are 40 or are turning 40 this year:

  • Panda Bear!
  • Diplo!
  • Fiona Apple!
  • Nicole Atkins!
  • Sturgill Simpson!
  • Karen O!
  • Poo Bear!
  • Andy Butler!
  • John Mayer!
  • John Legend!
  • Ed Droste!
  • The Black Madonna!
  • Jake Shears!
  • Ariel Pink!
  • Kevin Federline!
  • Cameron Heacock!

Can’t wait to see them all at a War On Drugs show soon.


#10  WaterRat
Score:54 | Apr 23rd

“There’s nonpolitical methods to speaking that I like, that I feel were very futuristic. And that style, and that method of communication, has proven that it can beat a politically correct way of communication. And I fuck with that.” – Kanye West (November, 2016)

Basically its the same “he tells it like it is” bullshit argument, but Kanye dresses it up in futurism to sound intellectual. This guy has made some great music; but his world view has been fucked for years.

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#9  bingbonglol
Score:56 | Apr 25th

Kanye West and Donald Trump: Are they fucking?

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#8  marko
Score:56 | Apr 23rd

“What a jackass”

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#7  El Gummo
Score:58 | Apr 24th

Our Beach House,
Who art on Sub Pop,
Hallowed be Teen Dream,
Thy new album come,
Thy 9.2 be done,
On Pitchfork as it is in Stereogum,
Give us this day our Album of the Week,
And forgive us our Premature Evaluation,
As we forgive those who say, “I’ve heard it,”
And lead us not into the Beachless House,
But deliver us from Kanye


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#6  WaterRat
Score:59 | Apr 23rd

But you know that’s bullshit, right?

I do love Jeffrey Dahmer. Just not down with the all the people eating.

When people applaud Donald Trump for his non-politically correct way of talking, it is complete bullshit…Kanye included. The dude straight up lies. And it’s not just lies, but he regularly pops off about shit that he is completely misinformed about. He’s a dude who watched Sean Hannity every night and thought it made him an expert on foreign policy. He’s a dude who in the midst of a campaign for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and tweeted out blatantly incorrect statistics about minority crime rates. He’s a dude who has used the phrase “cyber is very easy” and kept a straight face. It’s not futuristic; it’s simplistic. And it’s fucking garbage.

I know you weren’t defending him or anything, but knowing what Kanye has said so far on the topic; forgive me for not giving a fuck what his thoughts on policy are.

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#5  Max the King of All Wild Things
Score:65 | Apr 23rd

Kanye going full red-pill is going to lead to a lot of really tiresome writing.

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#4  undergroundspoon
Score:68 | Apr 25th

I don’t know what to say about Kanye specifically any more, but I’m really reaching my breaking point w/r/t intolerance in rap overall. In 2018 alone:

-Offset literally rapping “I do not vibe with the queers” on the new Migos release.
-Roc Marciano continuing to use a word that’s probably the last one a lot of dead LGBTQ people ever hear.
-xxxTentacion having a #1 album in spite of his beating his pregnant girlfriend’s eyes shut.
-Nicki Minaj picking and choosing her favorite Asian stereotypes to render as aesthetic choices.
-Kanye’s renewed endorsement of Trump, along w/ various other Trump fans (including someone who paints the Black Lives Matter movement as a bunch of whiny hysterics).

Turning music discourse into fan culture w/ a select few agreed-upon punching bags is what I think got us all here with egg on our faces. It’s past time that we figured out how to deal with it.

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#3  dansolo
Score:69 | Apr 26th

Ok, cool, now let the queen speak:

“I believe in free thinking. I don’t believe in free thinking if it is rooted in or at the expense of the oppressed. If your free thinking is fueled by oppressors to continue to oppress Black people or minorities, I think it’s bulls**t.”

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#2  blochead
Score:85 | Apr 23rd

True Story: I officially abandoned the GOP this saturday and registered as a Democrat. Kanye is apparently filling my vacancy.

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#1  blochead
Score:93 | Apr 23rd

“Kanye is a musical genius but also an idiot” is something I have typed in one form or another on this site for YEARS. And not unlike Jesus I have suffered for this belief. Oh the downvotes. The “hidden comments”. All of it. I suffered it all for you. I don’t want your apologies today. I don’t want you to dig up old “hidden comments” and raise them from the dead. I know , I know…the Jesus comparison really is apt here. All I ask….as we all ponder Kanye saying “I do love Donald Trump” is your upvote here. Send me to the heavens, Gummers. So that I may be reunited with my father.

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#5  dollface
Score:-9 | Apr 25th

The given quotes don’t sound anti-Semitic to me. They do sound juvenile and boorish.

Maybe the awards should be shut down on those grounds instead.

I know this is Germany, with its very specific history, and if there is more to this picture than given in the article I understand completely.

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Brent Schoepf
Score:-13 | Apr 25th

I mean, you could at least write about more than this one particular tweet. He had so much more to say :/

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#3  almotasim
Score:-13 | Apr 25th


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#2  Onigokikn
Score:-20 | Apr 25th

This. Also, good for Kanye. I hate Trump and think he is the worst prez ever, but he shouldn’t be bullied into liking or disliking anyone. Be you Kanye. I don’t care if you like Trump and I think he is walking garbage…make good music and I’ll tune in.

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Jim Traveller
Score:-33 | Apr 22nd

One more thing to love about Shania!!

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Gabe Delahaye
Score:7 | Apr 20th

The pink and white swirl vinyl reissue of Britney Spears’ “…Baby One More Time”

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