Tirzah – “Gladly” Video

Tirzah – “Gladly” Video

London singer Tirzah was responsible for a truly great run of dance tracks a few years ago, spread out over a handful of releases — 2013’s I’m Not Dancing EP, 2014’s No Romance, and 2015’s “Make It Up” single. All of those songs were collaborations with her childhood friend Mica Levi, better known to some by her stage name Micachu, and that close creative partnership continues with Tirzah’s just-announced debut album. The album, which is called Devotion, was produced by Levi, while Tirzah contributes vocals, melodies and lyrics.

Lead single “Gladly” is absolutely gorgeous. Levi’s production is like water, ebbing and flowing around Tirzah’s centered voice. She embodies the album’s devotional title with a beautifully sweet love song: “All I want is you/ All of you/ Gladly, gladly, gladly,” she repeats in the chorus, sounding wholly invested. The song shifts for a moment in its last minute, a booming beat standing in for the pressure of a love so pure, but it settles back down into twinkling keys and a sense of serenity by its end.

The song comes attached to a video, directed by Hannah Perry, made up of tape-fuzzed and slowed-down footage of two people dancing together, sun-drenched and warm.

Listen and watch below.

01 “Fine Again”
02 “Do You Know”
03 “Gladly”
04 “Holding On”
05 “Affection”
06 “Basic Need”
07 “Guilty”
08 “Devotion”
09 “Go Now”
10 “Say When”
11 “Reach”

Devotion is out 8/10 via Domino. Pre-order it here.

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