salute – “Honey”

It’s hard to tell where Austrian electronic producer salute’s new single “Honey” begins and ends. Its sunny, thumping nature turns intoxicating as the song mutates into a continuous loop. It’s easy to click repeat.

Taken from his upcoming three-track EP Condition I, the first in a trilogy of EPs that salute is planning to release over the next couple months, “Honey” features airy, playful, and childlike vocals juxtaposed by the far-away, hollow depth of a much more melancholy and muddied voice. As salute’s 2016 mini-album My Heart genre-bended between intimate gospel, R&B, and electronica, “Honey” sees him landing on dance music in full force. The track’s color is found in the synth’s ballooning bounce, comparable to the sound that the pink trampoline mushroom makes in New Super Mario Bros. This elastic wobble provides motion, sweeping the music up and down.

In a press release, salute uncovers the emotion behind the song:

“Honey” is probably the happiest sad song I’ve ever written. I was actually in a really dark place when I came up with the chorus, I guess it was a weird way of processing what I was feeling at the time. It doesn’t exactly scream sorrow but it’s a perfect screenshot of what was happening back then.

Listen below.

Condition I is out 6/1 via 37 Adventures.

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