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Watch Donald Glover Host, Childish Gambino Debut 2 Songs On SNL

Donald Glover auditioned for Saturday Night Live twice, but was never offered a spot. He began with that anecdote last night when he hosted and performed on SNL. “I’m not bitter,” he jokingly said. “I really can do anything.” Glover spent his monologue asking cast members what they did for their audition and trying to measure up. For the rest of the show, Glover proved why the show definitely should’ve chosen him.

As he is known to do — and as SNL purports to do — Glover bridged comedy with current events in a way that was serious when it needed to be, but very funny nonetheless. The man didn’t have a bad sketch. He also debuted two new songs, “Saturday” and “This Is America.” (During the show he shared a bleak new Hiro Murai-directed music video for the latter.) Since Glover couldn’t very well introduce himself, Zoë Kravitz and Daniel Kaluuya from Get Out did the honors.

In the “Friendos” sketch, Glover plays Quavo as Migos undergoes group therapy. He’s a confused, self-sabotaging jealous boyfriend in “80’s Music Video.” In other sketches he comes up with Instagram captions for Barbie, leads an intergalactic summit as Lando Calrissian, reacts to Kanye West’s tweets, trades stories in prison, defends Jurassic World, and tries dirty talk. He was also one of the “other” Cleveland Cavaliers in a sketch that was cut for time. Watch all the comedy and music video.

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