Here’s What It’s Like When Drake Goes To The Mall

Drake is extremely famous. He’s too famous. He’s famous to the point where I can’t imagine life is that much fun for him. Whenever Drake shows up anywhere, people tend to lose their minds. We’ve seen it happen. We’ve seen (many times) what happens when Drake shows up onstage, unannounced, at another artist’s show. We’ve seen what happens when he hands out stacks of money to random people. And now we get to see what happens when he attempts to just go to the mall.

Yesterday, as Hot New Hip-Hop reports, Drake went shopping at Atlanta’s Lenox Mall, spending some time in the Apple Store — maybe he doesn’t trust anyone else to go get his phone fixed — and taking photos with a few fans. As you might expect, he had a whole detail of surly-looking security guards with him.

What’s slightly creepy and disappointing about Drake’s mall visit is that it wasn’t Beatlemania. He didn’t have screaming shoppers chasing after him. Instead, people just kind of goggled, breathing heavily and then following him while filming him on their phones. That doesn’t seem exciting! It just seems creepy and offputting! Here are some videos:

#Drake today at Lenox in Atlanta.

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I like how Drake has to stand around uncomfortably at the Apple Store, looking like a goober, just like the rest of us.

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