Grimes Houseboat Story Gets Animated

Grimes broke the internet this week by revealing that she is dating Elon Musk, billionaire Tesla CEO and guy who occasionally shoots things into space. And somehow, the memeing frenzy caused an ridiculous old news story about a failed houseboat adventure that Grimes embarked on in 2009 to resurface.

In June 2009, Grimes and her boyfriend traveled from Montreal to Bemidji, Minnesota, spent a month building a 20-foot houseboat that they named “Velvet Glove Cast In Iron,” started calling themselves “Zelda Xox and Veruschka,” and set off down the Mississippi River with live chickens, a sewing machine, and 20 pounds of potatoes in tow. The idea was to sail all the way to New Orleans. But shortly after shoving off, their engine failed, and they spent the next few weeks drifting downstream, trying to fix the boat, and dealing with police. Eventually, the boat was impounded by local authorities.

Now that exciting tale of adventure and derring-do is being turned into an animated short by Drawn & Recorded, a series narrated by T-Bone Burnett and directed by Drew Christie that animates stories from music history. The show has previously featured Kurt Cobain, ODB, Merle Haggard, and more. The Grimes episode, which will also feature five other stories including one about David Bowie’s half-brother Terry Burns, airs today on AT&T AUDIENCE Network. Watch a trailer below via Pitchfork.

Nice try, AT&T, but you’re still in the doghouse.

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