Caroline Rose – “Bikini” Video

The New York singer-songwriter and recent-vintage Artist To Watch Caroline Rose released her LONER album a few months ago, and today she’s come out with a video for the album track “Bikini.” As with Rose’s past video for “Money,” it’s a satirical video for a satirical song. This time around, Rose, who directed the video herself, gives a brilliantly unhinged performance as an old-time cheeseball lounge-singer, complete with mustache, and performs in front of a group of blank-faced dancing women. It’s all about the male gaze and the ways in which it reduces women to objects. Of the new video, Rose says:

A lot of my aesthetic tends to be very tongue-in-cheek, so I wanted to take a serious subject, in this case misogyny, and just sort of turn it around to laugh at it. I think satire can be used as an incredible tool to take the power away from the powerful when necessary. It was important to me to make sure the video was body positive. When we think of “girls in bikinis,” the tendency is to see tall white models with perfect bodies. I knew that would be missing the point of the song.

I take a lot of influences from films, and you can see a lot of Almodovar’s influence here. I had a pretty concrete idea to make the video bright and cheerful, kind of like a mix between old TV performances in the ’60s and ’70s and The Price Is Right-esque game shows. Almodovar is a master at using visuals to enhance a serious story. The colors he used are a lot like the characters — vibrant and flamboyant. Here, I utilize something similar as a creative device to enhance the absurdism of a realistic situation.

Here’s the video:

LONER is out now on New West.